Training of Trainers 1 (TOT1)

The TOT1 is designed for those who completed the CrossRoads Teachers' Training (Level 1) and seeks to be equipped further how to use the CrossRoads Strategy more effectively in his or her school and nearby schools to help build movements among teachers and students.

Training of Trainers 1 (TOT1)
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Key takeaways

Make a Difference
Empowering Educators
Transform Communities
Build a Movement

Course description

The TOT1 Training consists of three phases: 8 Weeks of Asynchronous Training, a 21 hour Online Conference, and a Practicum in a CrossRoads Teachers' Training (3 days face-to-face or a 15-hour online via Zoom)

Course content

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Week 1 Overview
Cru Overview
Campus Crusade for Christ History and Strategy: Objectives and Key Concepts
History of Campus Crusade for Christ
Overview of CCC Study Questions
Personal Testimony
Preparing Your Personal Testimony
Guidelines for Writing Your Testimony
Week 2 Overview of CrossRoads

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