Equipping CrossRoads Trainers to reach cities, provinces or a whole region using the CrossRoads Strategy

Lead Trainers' Training (LTT)
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Course description

This course has three phases:

  • Phase 1 is an asynchronous portion where participants work on 5 Modules with a coach;
  • Phase 2 is a synchronous portion where all participants meet in an online conference for a total of 18 hours;
  • And finally, a practicum where participants work together to conduct a Training of Trainers 1 or TOT1 (Level 2) for an equivalent of four days in a face-to-face set-up or a 21-hour online set-up. 

Course content

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Week 1 Overview of the CrossRoads Strategy
Week 2 The Role of the Lead Trainer
Week 3 TOT Training Process
Week 4 Pre-Requisite Process

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