Social Media 101

This material is designed as a foundation to be more creative in reaching out in the digital age.

Social Media 101

Course description

The contents of this course are contributed by different individuals based on their experiences and learnings through the years in the Philippines. It has the following objectives:

  • A guide for followers of Christ to understand what social media is all about. 
  • To help us use social media from a biblical perspective. This is not yet for the enhancement of anyone’s social media presence. 
  • This is also mainly geared toward churches and pastors to help them navigate social media and help them shepherd their flocks.

This material is also designed as a foundation to be more creative in reaching out in the digital age. 

Course content

Welcome to the Social Media 101 Course
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Introduction and Overview
Part 1: Why is this Important?
The State of Social Media Globally and in the Philippines
Social Media Users in the Philippines
Internet Users Globally
Social Media Users Globally
Time used per day Globally
Advantages of Using Social Media
Disadvantages of Using Social Media
Understanding Social Media and its Implications
Part 1 Processing Questions
Part 2: What does the Bible say and How can it Guide us?
Let's Go to God's Word
Part 2 Processing Questions
Part 3: How should we use Social Media?
Using Social Media as a Follower of Christ
Using Social Media as a Church or Ministry
Part 3 Processing Questions
Part 4: Case Study and Conclusion
Case Study 1
Case Study 2
Course Review

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