Element of Prayer: Confession


Are you aware of anything in your life that is not pleasing to God? If so, admit your sin to God. Confess it to Him. Remember, when you confess, you:

a. Agree with God that what He has revealed to you as sin is sin. 

b. Thank God for His forgiveness. You know you're forgiven because of what Jesus did. He died on the cross for your sins.

c. Repent. Decide not to do it anymore. Change your attitude and then your action. 

Take a few minutes and ask God to show you anything in your life that has not been pleasing to Him. You may list down these things on a small piece of paper.

After writing them down, confess them to Him. 

Now claim the promise of 1 John 1:9 and write this verse across your list. Then, destroy your list. This shows that you believe God has forgiven you.

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