Talk with God: Prayer

Any fulfilling relationship  involves two¬≠ way communication. A look at the biographies of people recorded in the Bible clearly shows the importance of communication between God  and His people. As long as these individuals listened to God, obeyed Him and prayed, their  spiritual lives remained radiant. 

When these same people, however, failed to hear and obey God and talk with Him through prayer, spiritual problems crowded in. 

The same thing can happen to us today. God communicates with us through His Word, the Bible. If we desire a rich and fulfilling Christian life, we also need to learn to talk with God. To pray is simply to converse or talk with Him.

Prayer was an important emphasis in the life of Jesus Christ. His desire to seek His Father's presence and know His will through prayer is apparent throughout His earthly life. The life of Christ was a living conversation with God the Father; prayer was the backbone of Christ's life and ministry. To become like Christ, we need to learn to pray.

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