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Want to maximize the internet and social media for the spread of the gospel and make disciples? Digital Outreach is the perfect training and community for you. Enroll now.

Digital Outreach Training
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Course description

Digital Outreach is a community of people passionate about sharing the Gospel using the social media. Learn principles, practical steps and best practices of Digital Outreach by Indigitous Philippines.

What you will gain?

  • Ministry effectiveness & more relevance
  • Maximize the internet and social media for your ministry
  • Engage potential new disciples
  • Continous learning with a community
  • Experience new ways of reaching out to young people, online

Course content

What & Why
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Video: Digital Outreach Preview
We Go Where People Are
Principles of Digital Outreach
Before the Digital Outreach
Step 1: Register your Event
Step 2: Form a Team
Step 3: Set Goals
Step 4: Budgeting
Step 5: Book a Venue
Step 6: Promotion
Watch: Dylan's Story
During the Digital Outreach
Step 8: Program
Convo Starter
Possible Responses
Sample Video: FallingPlates
Useful Resources During Digital Outreach
Step 7: On-site Registration
After The Digital Outreach
Step 9: Stats & Stories
Host your own Digital Outreach
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